Business Development Consultant

Background: I’ve worked in tech and with startups my whole career in sales and business development.

I started as a business development consultant after realizing as a salesperson at one software company that all the best new customers were very similar. After using data to support my thesis I started contacting this demographic before they had a chance to make it to our site and request a demo. Those same customers were impressed that we knew what they were looking for and were helpful in our outreach. They started asking if I could do something similar for them.

After working in the sales/business development capacity inside companies for years I got to spot what was lacking in the tools available and also decided to double down on our thesis of highly personalized outreach to develop a custom tool called Touchmail.

My belief is that if we focused more on the people we can help the most everyone would be better off and have more clarity on what they were working towards.

I help companies work towards finding that group of people that they alone are uniquely suited to help.

Must-Have Business Development Processes:

  1. Landing page lead capture -> follow-up email sequence.

  2. Outbound email sequence -> LinkedIn connection request.

  3. Email Link Clicks -> Call task creation.

  4. Meeting booked -> CRM deal creation.

What Tools Do I Use When Consulting for Business Development?

  1. Hubspot (CRM)

  2. Trello + Google sheets (project management)

  3. Touchmail + + LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Lead Connect (lead generation)

  4. Clickfunnels + Funnelytics (landing pages + funnels)

  5. Active Campaign (email marketing/lead nurturing)

  6. Zoom (sales calls/meetings)

  7. Databox (reporting)

  8. Others - Calendly, Zapier, Clearbit, Dux-Soup

My Business Development Tutorials:

  1. How to use Dux-Soup For Targeted Outbound LinkedIn Lead Generation

  2. 2 Step Lead Funnel Strategy + Sabri Subi Sell Like Crazy Review

  3. How to us Clearbit to Enrich Company Data to Segment Lists and Spot Lead Opportunities.

Need some help setting up your business development strategy or insight to what’s possible? Book a free 30 minute call with me here.