Marketing Automation Specialist

Background: I’ve worked in tech and with startups my whole career and have always been fascinated by the fact you could scale ideas to millions of people with the help of software.

I leveraged automation with early mobile app projects I worked on including everything from a simply recurring to:do app to a card counting assistant.

You can learn more about what I’m up to recently on my now page.

Must-Have Marketing Automations:

  1. Landing page lead capture -> follow-up email sequence.

  2. Outbound email sequence -> LinkedIn connection request.

  3. Email Link Clicks -> Call task creation.

  4. Meeting booked -> CRM deal creation.

What Marketing Automation Tools Do I Use?

  1. Hubspot (CRM)

  2. Trello + Google sheets (project management)

  3. Touchmail + + LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Lead Connect (lead generation)

  4. Clickfunnels + Funnelytics (landing pages + funnels)

  5. Active Campaign (email marketing/lead nurturing)

  6. Zoom (sales calls/meetings)

  7. Databox (reporting)

  8. Others - Calendly, Zapier, Clearbit, Dux-Soup

My Marketing Automation Tutorials:

  1. How to use Dux-Soup For Targeted Outbound LinkedIn Lead Generation

  2. 2 Step Lead Funnel Strategy + Sabri Subi Sell Like Crazy Review

  3. How to us Clearbit to Enrich Company Data to Segment Lists and Spot Lead Opportunities.

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