Evolve Your Brain and Become Supernatural with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Imagine what it would be like to get hit on your bike by a car going 60 miles an hour.

…while part of a Triathlon race none-the-less.

The only thing shielding your body from the pavement is a thin layer of spandex and a race helmet.

For nearly everyone, this type of incident results in fatality.

For 23 year old Joe, he escaped with 6 broken vertebrae, a 60% compressed t6 and the start of a brand new life.

Up until that point Joe Dispenza had rocketed himself to success. He was living his dream with his own Chiropractic office near the beach in California and a shiny new BMW parked in his own stall.

It’s this background in alternative medicine that makes this story so interesting.

After being rushed to the hospital and diagnosed separately by four of California’s best spinal surgeons the verdict was determined… he would need Harrington Rod surgery but should eventually make a full recovery.

The problem was Joe didn’t agree.

For one, he didn’t trust the doctor’s guaranteeing him that he would regain full range of motion in his back. He had personally seen the effects of the surgery. Many of his patients who had once elected for the surgery ended up living in a drowsy haze from all the pain medication.

For two, he was acutely aware of the mind’s ability to influence the body and vice versa. During University he spent years meditating for 3 HOURS a day, training himself to be able to consciously direct his thoughts.

Remarkably, given this knowledge, Joe barely considered the operation.

Instead, he was going to the do the unthinkable… nothing.

Sounds a bit crazy right?

Joe set his environment very specifically when he arrived home from the hospital. A room with lots of sunlight, a bed that could gradually add stress to his spine and most importantly, stacks of reading material on the spinal cord.

He was going to visualize how he wanted the body to reconstruct his spine.

Two week go by and he is struggling to stay focused enough to make what he feels as progress.

A week later he has a break through and is able to find his zone for hours a day.

Three weeks later he is being dropped into a pool in a chair and starts putting vertical pressure on his spine.

Three weeks after that. a mere 9 weeks after his accident, he was walking. As he puts it, “he walked back into his life”.

Before you pass this mental wizardry off as witchcraft have you ever heard of the placebo effect?

Consider the example of depression and taking a drug like Prozac. It is proven that taking a sugar pill is 75-80% as likely to give you the same results.

Note: These results have been skewed and reported in all kinds of ways. In fact, the pharmaceutical community recently celebrated a study where the drug was in fact at least 15% more effective than a placebo (same stats different framing).

Either way, what this means is that your brain is quite literally it’s own pharmacy.

Everything from cortisol (to respond to the dangers in your environment) to melatonin (handles your natural circadian rhythm/waking and sleeping with the sun) are produced organically in your body.

Even more interesting… not only is your body able to produce the necessary chemicals but it does so based on thoughts alone. Said differently, your body can’t actually tell the difference between an experience that you’re having in your reality and one that you are creating with your thoughts.

Have you ever made yourself cry from your thoughts? What about a sexual experience or a nightmare?

In every circumstance your body reacted as if those experiences were really happening.

There have even been studies to prove you can THINK your way to being measurably stronger. Literally, going to the gym in your mind can make you healthier than your status quo.

This is where Dr.  Joe Dispenza’s life took a major change after his recovery.

He understood that at this point in our history it’s not enough to just KNOW something is possible you need to have the KNOW HOW to apply it and improve your own life.

He was the guinea pig who proved you don’t need a sugar pill to change your state of being.

Believe it or not, his formula of evolving your brain and has three simple steps.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Process For Evolving the Brain:

#1. Change Your Environment

He has a saying that goes – if you’re living based on a predictable past you will inevitability have a familiar future.

Your attention and thoughts determine your reality so by definition if you’re not proactively creating your future you are literally living in the past.

#2. Acquire New Knowledge

No problem can be solved by the same level of mind that created it. – Einstein

The way we learn is by association. By acquiring new knowledge you are just creating more connections (synapses) to past information and experiences.

The important part here is combining semantic knowledge with experiences to FEEL different.

Our goal is a new state of being and to achieve this you need to move the new information into your subconscious or limbic brain.

(eg. If you previously got stressed and angry in traffic but are able to change your natural response to the feeling of gratitude that you could spend more time listening to audiobooks or podcasts you have evolved.)

#3 Demonstration

One way of pushing your mental rehearsal into your subconscious is by doing just that, rehearsal. You need to practice either mentally, physically or both, depending on what you’re trying to change.

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an action but a habit. – Aristotle

Again, we need the new knowledge in your subconscious to solidify the evolution because your body remembers better than your mind.

Think about the combination lock you had in high school or for your gym bag. You likely couldn’t verbalize what the combination was but you could do it almost without thinking… we need to edit your current, impulsive reactions to a feeling in the same way.

In the book where Joe outlines this process, Evolve Your Brain, he likes to say, “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” The opposite is also true. If you stop having the same reaction you will literally evolve out of that habit and into a new person.

Before you get overwhelmed or start to recall being defeated in attempts to change habits in the past, realize that past memories are actually processed as feelings.

That is important because it means that to FEEL is actually to think in the past.

Your brain is just an artifact, a record of the past. The ONLY place the past even exists.

When you live by feelings your mind lives by the body, re-actively.

Lifting your mind out of the body and back into the brain allows you to become the creator of your reality. It allows you to become aware of innate reactions and instead CHOOSE thoughts that feel good.

Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. – Dr Joe Dispenza

The goal of this evolution is to think beyond how we feel.

Simple, right?

Thinking – Doing – Being

This was the path that Joe took to heal his body in what many still call a miracle.

Or was it?

Up to this point, I was inspired. I recognized that the added impact of feeling or experiencing your new state of being made a lot of sense, however, it still didn’t click for me and I wasn’t satisfied with this method of forced evolution.

In his newest book, Becoming Supernatural Joe goes into a lot more science behind what’s happening in the body. I will paint broad strokes here.

Let’s say you’re trying to quit smoking or lose weight.

You’ve already tried everything; negative association, visualizing, being hypnotized etc.

I think Joe’s method of associating a feeling to your new knowledge is great but to me it still seemed like something was missing.

In marketing there’s this saying that people will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, throw rocks at their enemies and confirm their suspicions.

Therefore, when you are pitching a product you need to frame it as a brand new opportunity. That way it couldn’t have been the fault of the person’s will power as to why they failed in the past.

Here’s your out…

Before I explain why change doesn’t have to be such a struggle, we actually need to consider some fundamental things that we take for granted about our reality.

For example, the relationship between space and time.

We live by Newtonian physics which is space-time reality. This means that we define time by the difference between two periods of consciousness or two objects. (eg. you can see yourself eating dinner tomorrow and there is merely a period of time between now and then when that will happen.)

In this model there is infinite space. Next time you’re outside consider the amount of space that is not taken up by physical objects. It’s infinite, just look up into the sky.

However, we understand at an objective level that space is not empty. There are waves of energy and information in that space from cell phone waves, to WiFi, to radio waves etc.

Einstein was the one who discovered about 100 years ago that energy and mass were actually directly related or interchangeable (e=mc^2).

So if you’ve ever seen that formula or heard of quantum physics or even seen the movie inception you may be familiar with a similar discovery.

The discovery was made via the famous double slit experiment. <- narrated by Morgan Freeman for added entertainment value. 😉

Normally, you can shoot particles of matter through two slits and you’d expect there to be two groups of particles on the wall that correspond with the slits.

BUT when things get small, things get weird.

If you do the same thing with electrons or photons, any subatomic particles. They don’t act as expected. It actually proves they can act as both particles AND waves.

The determining factor is OBSERVATION. When you are looking at the experiment, particle… not looking, wave.

In lay terms, when you are looking at the electrons they are matter. When you are not looking, they become invisible; the particles behave as waves.

Not only that, there is an awareness built into entangled electrons where they will continue to reflect the environment of its counterpart no matter the distance or time between them.

I won’t get into too much detail but what this means is astonishing.

At some level I think we subconsciously knew we are literally connected to everything. That was less of surprise and something I’ve heard before.

But quantum physics says that we exist in an inverse reality from our belief and this experiment helps prove it. The inverse of what we currently believe is a time-space reality where time is infinite.

Time is infinite because we live in an eternal now that has endless possibilities.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now but consider this…

Do your eyes see or does your brain see?

Your brain is the record of experiences that fills in your individual reality. If we agree that your brain is an artifact then did that event already happen?

Regardless, consider the possibility that at this given moment there are endless possibilities for where you could be in your life. You could have been a pro-athlete or a musician or an actor…anything. Your attention and consciousness just happens to be supporting this current reality.

Does that mean that those other realities don’t exist? What about 5 years from now what are the different realities that are possible.

Does only one of them exist? What if, looking forward they all exist but you can only choose to put your awareness on one?

Why I find this so interesting and liberating is that there is scientifically nothing stopping you from “being” a different version of yourself, immediately.

Simply place your awareness on this new version of you. Reinforce your subconscious with artificial memories from what you would imagine experiences of the “upgraded you” would have looked like and voila.

It’s effectively the same process of evolving yourself but I like the idea of realizing that infinite possibilities do exist and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to hop into.

I’ll say it differently for clarity. We are living in the infinite now. The past does not exist outside of memories in our brain and you can’t touch the future.

What you can do is turn waves into matter by simply observing them, or placing your awareness on them.

This is reaching but it could mean that there are parallel versions of your life happening concurrently. Quite literally, different outcomes playing out that you chose not to participate in.

So if you’d like to participate in a slightly better version of the play that is your life you would need to include those upgrades in your awareness. I don’t mean okay one version of me has some material item, I saw it in a magazine now boom why can’t I switch.

I mean, if this is all true maybe there is a version of you that does own that item but they might not resemble you in many other ways. They’ve made different choices, created different habits. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It means you have to BECOME that person using the same methods Joe talked about earlier.

Think of it this way. If I show up to a race knowing that I did all the training and preparation necessary to achieve my goal is there any different between that and me committing to memory specific training experiences that didn’t actually happen in reality?

In the book, Joe talks more about affecting the energy of your body. He explains how certain forms of meditation will allow your body to be more like waves and less like particles. Also how this training can give you immediate access to your subconscious and speed up transformation processes.

I know it’s a lot to consider but if you define happiness as this consistent pursuit of worthy goals and you agree that for you to realize those goals personal evolution is necessary why not speed up the process a little?

Worst case scenario it shifts your mindset from a reactive, “lack”, focused mindset to a proactive, creation based one.