3 Reasons You Should Start Hosting LinkedIn Live Events

Broc Pacholik, LinkedIn

Are you looking for a way to build your brand, expand your reach, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry? By hosting live events on LinkedIn you can do just that while expanding your sales pipeline. In this post, we'll explore the top 5 reasons why hosting LinkedIn live events should be a key part of your sales & marketing strategy in 2023.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been helping startup founders and agency owners with lead generation on LinkedIn long before events originally launched in 2019. In order to stay competitive, I’m always on the lookout for new prospecting strategies. In the case of events, it wasn’t until 2021 that I began recommending them to drive registrants to off-platform webinars. Since then, I’ve hosted dozens of events using LinkedIn to drive thousands of registrants and attendees organically (i.e. for free).

Who are LinkedIn live events best for?

LinkedIn Live Events are particularly well-suited for those who want to engage with a professional audience, showcase their thought leadership, and build their brand on LinkedIn. If your business targets professionals, entrepreneurs, or decision-makers in a specific industry, LinkedIn Live Events can help you connect with your audience in a more authentic and engaging way.

Why get started now?

LinkedIn wants you to host your events on LinkedIn because you drive your audience back to their platform and they get to sell more ads. In exchange, they'll help you with distribution.

See the post below: The head of product for LinkedIn events and video confirming this hypothesis while introducing another event type that, you guessed it, is also hosted on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn newsletters, the original LinkedIn events, even carousel posts — all proved to increase user engagement and are therefore heavily promoted by LinkedIn on your behalf.

What they didn’t do was increase average session duration, the infinite money unlock for social media platforms. For context, on Youtube Mr. Beast (127M subscribers) claims click through % & average view duration are the only stats that matter.

It’s no wonder Jake and his team have been focused on building features to increase adoption. This supply constraint = your opportunity.

What makes them different? (top 3 reasons)

Now that we've discussed who LinkedIn live events are best for and why you should get started now, let's dive into the top 5 reasons why hosting LinkedIn live events should be a key part of your sales and marketing strategy in 2023.

1. Your followers & registrants are more likely to show up.

When you schedule a regular event on LinkedIn, attendees receive reminder notifications seven days, three days, and 15 minutes before the event. Recently, Linkedin shared, that for live events they ALSO notify your attendees AND a subset of your profile or page followers when the event begins. This nudge can significantly increase your show-up and engagement rate.

2. Your event posts get more reach.

LinkedIn announced last year they decided to remove the dedicated event feed that was previously only visible to attendees. Now, all new events are posted publicly. For live events, this is a game changer because the comments and reactions during your broadcast are automatically added to your original event post. The more engagement on your post, the broader the reach.

3. Your content has more longevity.

More recently, LinkedIn introduced the “Videos” tab, where your live event recordings will live by default. This is significant for live events because you can include a registration form when going live from a company page. What's noteworthy is your page visitors now have the ability to view this content on demand and you'll be able to collect new leads indefinitely.

What's the key takeaway?

LinkedIn live events might be the best opportunity for attention arbitrage since Youtube in 2020.

As online platforms develop, there are typically windows of opportunity before new products reach mass adoption. It's when the demand greatly outpaces supply. In the late 90’s, you could have posted a blog on almost any topic and been on the first page of Google. In the early 2000’s, you could’ve paid them pennies for a promoted spot in front of almost any search query. 10 years later, you could’ve easily been one of the first results for almost any search on Youtube. In each instance, the opportunity to be flooded with traffic and potential customers was virtually endless.

The same thing happened with Instagram, and now it’s happening with LinkedIn. Don’t let the feeling of being late to this opportunity hold you back (again) and miss another chance of building a huge audience for next to nothing… the clock is ticking!

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