Book Reviews

Andrew Carnegie’s 17 Principles of Success

STOP what you’re doing and LISTEN to Andrew Carnegie’s interview with Napolean Hill. One principle at a time .. Andrew Carnegie .. SPELLS OUT SUCCESS .. spells it out.There remains not a shadow of a doubt, not a question left unanswered. Put all the principles into action and you will achieve your desired level of success as sure as the sun will rise and the stars will shine.

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What if the Path to Mastery Didnt Have to Be 10,000 Hours?

I used to think that the easiest path to success would be becoming a bodybuilder. There wouldn’t be anything to ‘figure out’. No tough problems to solve, no product market fit or customer complaints. You spend more hours in the gym then everyone else = you win.

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How To Break Bad Habits

I think we all have periods of discontentment, especially in situations where someone has things that you don’t. Maybe you’re already good at being content but I think it’s something we all slip up at from time to time and is a great practice of mindfulness if nothing else.

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